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October 20th, 2009 -- Joshua Jay Lecture

The Lecture That Almost Wasn’t
By Brian Carter

With the late spring announcement of a new Chicago area magic club, there was a buzz of anticipation. Not only was there going to be a new club, but Joshua Jay was scheduled to begin his new lecture tour at the October 22, 2009 meeting, only the second meeting of the young club. Cool!

Summer came before we all were ready and magicians from across the globe were gathered in Las Vegas for MAGIC Live 2009. On the first day of the convention, disturbing news started to spread when a report on FaceBook stated that Josh had been seriously injured in a boating accident, "shattered his left wrist, and broke both bones in his arm. One surgery down, one to go." That was August 15, 2009.

Flash forward to just over 75 days later in the basement banquet room of a Wheeling Illinois restaurant where almost 50 people watch in amazement as Josh “plays around” with a few of the magic club members and guests before the lecture. He is performing card tricks that fool even the most veteran wizards, who are all carefully studying every move. As Josh insists that everyone come in close, so we could all see the table, he performed what some would call more than miracles. You see, just 2 weeks ago, Josh could still not open left hand without assistance or great effort. However, on this special night Josh worked as if nothing had ever happened.

After the official introduction he spoke to the elephant in the room and gave a brief thank you to club for the opportunity to be back in front of a magic audience for the first time since the accident. His explanation was short and from the heart, he was very glad to be anywhere. Josh told us how he was forced to face the possibility that things would never be the same.

Josh began his lecture with a couple of effects using playing cards where the magic happens at the hands of the spectator, each of which fooled everyone very badly. The second of these routines was a performance of his effect.

“Signs”, which he has never before revealed to the magic fraternity. This two-phase trick has the deck divided between two spectators whose cards are revealed in unbelievable ways, establishing Josh as a great magic thinker. Among other performances (and explanations) were his Chinese coin and ribbon routine and a new card effect named for his favorite film director called “Hitchcock”. The plot uses four spectators, lots of suspense and a killer twelve-phase finish! To finish off the first set, Josh performed a borrowed bill routine using his ‘cornered’ technique for switching a bill. In this version, the bill ended up in the spectator’s wallet, in his pocket!

After the break the floor was opened to a Q & A session (this could have been a lecture on its own!) Josh continued the lecture and performed a signed card routine that was so HOT the pips actually burned out of the signed card. To wrap up the evening he performed ACAAN and a 3 fly coin routine.

For a lecture that almost wasn’t, I don’t think ACEs can be thankful enough. Thankful that it looks like Josh is going to be okay, that he has the will to never give up and for his willingness to share his great love of magic. So thanks to you Joshua Jay for an amazing evening and for sharing your magic and your story.