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Tuesday, January 20th, ACEs Magic Club presents Jania Taylor:

"Getting A Gig Is A Full Time Job"

If you are a seasoned pro, a part time pro, or just starting out as a magician, you know that getting booked for shows is WORK! Don't be fooled; The phone will not ring by magic, you have to make it ring! Ms. Taylor has spent the last two decades criss-crossing the country performing at thousands of events. How did she do this? She became her own agent! Show business is two words: show and business. We are bringing Jania to ACEs to help increase your business. Through trial and error, she has paid for her education when it comes to the marketing of magical services.

She will ease your marketing learning curve with her lecture "Getting A Gig Is A Full Time Job." She is now sharing with the magic community what has worked for her:

Sales letters
Thank you letter
Reminder card
Newspaper ads
Booking sheets
Target market
What to say when cold calling
Compiling school & library mailing list
Putting together mailing pieces
News releases

She has done the work for you by spending hours reading through marketing books and attending seminars. Cut to the chase of getting more performances with "Getting A Gig Is A Full Time Job." Compared to other marketing system that you can buy this is a bargain!

Additional Lecture notes will be available with samples etc. for an additional $20.

Here is what other have said:

Whether you're looking to book a kids birthday party or a corporate event, Jania's notes, "Getting A Gig Is A Full Time Job," is filled with practical, easy to implement strategies that will get you more bookings. At $20.00, it's a bargain." - Seth Kramer - Trade show magician

"Your lecture notes are an invaluable resource and I would recommend them to anyone that's starting a service-oriented business. You have included all of the things that I was not sure about." - Will Pearson - Magician

You really don't want to miss this Lecture. With the economy so tight we can all use Jania's sound, tested and proved methods for generating more income.

Tuesday, January 19th, 7:00 PM - Hackney's in Wheeling (241 s. Milwaukee, Ave, Wheeling, IL)

Members - FREE Non-Members $20.00