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Aaron Fisher Lecture - Tuesday March 22th at 7pm - $20.00 -- YES DATE CHANGE 1 WEEK LATER

Aaron Fisher Workshop - Wednesday March 23rd at 6pm - $50.00 -- 10 People ONLY

Who is Aaron Fisher?

The 2002 publication of Aaron’s critically acclaimed book, The Paper Engine: Tension, Focus & Design in Card Magic cemented his reputation as one of today’s most influential thinkers and writers in card magic.

A professional entertainer specializing in corporate events, nightclubs and bar magic, Aaron’s spend’s his non - performing time on his other passion - helping magicians around the world perform better card magic.

Over the last ten years, Aaron’s taught literally thousands of magicians around the world at lectures, workshops and one on one. Over the last three years, his DVD’s have earned him the reputation as not only one of the best sleight of hand artists working, but also one of the best magic teachers working today.

See it for yourself RIGHT NOW

Thanks to the Paper Engine, many suppose this lecture must be filled with knuckle-busters, pipe dreams and displays of magic beyond the reach of most magicians. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you want a quick, sure fire way to see how much this lecture will do to quickly boost your magic, sign up right now for aaron’s mailing list at http://aaronfishermagic.com . You’ll receive a free instant download that will literally transform your approach to one of magics most basic techniques in a matter of minutes. It’s sure to blow your mind, improve your magic and show you why it’s so important that you join us for this powerful lecture.

Tell us about the Lecture?

Most Aaron Fisher lecture attendees come away truly surprised and inspired by how much magic they just learned. The last twenty years have taught Aaron a secret most magicians are thrilled to discover - doing great magic isn’t about mastering knuckle-busting sleights. Rather, successful performers focus on handing the simplest concepts really well. As you will discover during this exciting evening, approaching your sleight of hand this way will not only make it more fun to practice, but light years more successful in actual performance.

Part Lecture/Part Teach-in

Too often, we attend a magic lecture and end up watching passively as the talk flies by. When we get home we wonder what happened - and how something that made so much sense during the lecture could be so confusing just a few hours later.

Aaron’s hands on approach to the traditional magic lecture allows you to come away with the new magic in your ‘bones’. Be sure to bring a deck of cards to this lecture. You’ll have opportunities to learn simple, powerful concepts along with Aaron during the talk. These won’t be ‘hard core’ sleights. Rather, simple concepts and approaches that will literally transform the way you approach your magic.

What kind of magic will I see and Learn?

Over the last decade performing all over the world, Aaron has honed this lecture to provide just the right combination of powerful effects, easy to grasp concepts and simple props you’ll really enjoy using.

Over the course of this powerful evening of top notch magic, you’ll be fooled and amazed by some of Aaron’ s most powerful effects. You’ll be thrilled and pleased when you discover how easy these effect will be for you to learn yourself.

Panic - perhaps the most surprising, easy to perform vanishing deck effects you’ll ever witness. It’s become a favorite in the repertoire of working performers all over the world.

The Revolution Change - This visual transformation is so easy to learn, you’ll literally grasp it yourself within five minutes.

Helter Skelter - You’ll learn a powerful new method for the color changing deck so easy a 12 year old could do it.

The Graduate - Aaron’s new approach to the slow-motion ambitious card has been a close-kept secret for a decade. Many experts agree, this is the finest method for the effect ever conceived.

The Nowhere Pass - This powerhouse feature has received rave reviews from performers all over the world. You’ll see first hand why some moves are not nearly as difficult as you’ve been lead to believe.

Search and Destroy - One of the strongest impromptu card tricks you can perform. You’ll learn about the power you can only achieve when the magic happens in the spectators hands.

The Gravity Half Pass - No Aaron Fisher lecture would be complete without a discussion of this technique. Aaron’s shifts and passes are considered the gold standard by experts all over the world. If you’ve ever wanted to see what this sort of card magic can really look like, you won’t want to miss it.


Special Workshop: Tension, Focus & Design

Whenever possible, Aaron offers a special workshop for those who want to go deeper into the concepts like The Classic Pass, The Gravity Half Pass, and learn how these subjects really affect the performance of card magic.

During this two hour intensive workshop, you’ll discover how these so called ‘advanced’ sleights work from the ground up. First you’ll acquire the mechanics, then you’ll begin to understand how to apply them in real performances. It’s a powerful program designed to take your work to new heights.

Come to this meeting ready to work, and you’ll leave with a whole new outlook on card magic. Feel free to make requests - Aaron will honor them if time permits!

Workshop is limited to 10 people. We have 3 spots left as of March 17th.