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David Solomon Lecture - Tuesday January 17th at 7pm

David Solomon is one of the most prolific thinkers in card magic today. From his earliest days at the table with his friend and mentor, Ed Marlo, to the more recent days of his Saturday Chicago Sessions with Simon Aronson and John Bannon, David has been a consistent source of card magic discussion, planning, creation and performance.

In this, his second solo work, David once again offers a wealth of his finest material for students, working pros and card aficionados. In the following pages, readers will find subtle, yet significant influences from David's shared experiences at Escorial with Spanish magicians Juan Tamariz, Roberto Giobbi, Aurellio Paviato, Jesus Etchevery, Migel Gomez, Luis Treba, Ramon Riobbo and Rafael Benetar. Similarly, the creative approaches and thinking of Sweden's Tomas Blomberg, and the UK's Jack Parker, can be seen within many of David's handlings. A special treat is a chapter dedicated to the quirky, yet brilliant, mind of Don May. Finally, a tome of this sort would not be complete, and would never have existed, without the omnipresence of Ed Marlo.

David's new book, The Wisdom of Solomon has over 50 effects, succinctly written by David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried in a manner similar in style to past Marlo writings. There are over 200 photos to clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts, and procedures. At the beginning of each effect, the reader is treated to David's personal reflections in the section aptly titled, "Solomon's Mind."

The magical legacy of David is found not only in his published books (Sessions, 1982; Solomon's Mind, 1997; and The Wisdom of Solomon, 2007), but has also been published in almost all major magic periodicals, including, Marlo's Magazine, the Hierophant, the Kabbalah, Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, the Linking Ring, MUM, the New Tops, and more!

David has also created and produced some of today's finest commercial card effects including, Pencil Thru Card, Technicolor Oil and Water, Surprise Rising Card, Technicolor Assembly, Color Collision, Hocus Poker, Printing on Demand, and Technicolor Thunder. Two acclaimed DVDs are also credited to David: Solomon's Mind, and Ed Marlo: It's All in The Cards.

A much sought after lecturer, David continues to tour throughout the United States and Europe, which has resulted in his card magic being performed by magicians around the world. The Wisdom of Solomon continues his tradition of excellence, and provides a collection of effects for the intermediate to expert magician. All routines are based on cleverly used sleights, as well as hidden subtleties. There are performance pieces with great entertainment value, as well as magician foolers for the boys. This will be an excellent addition for anyone with a passion for the pasteboards!

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