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Jon Armstrong Lecture - Wednesday April 11th at 7pm

Not our normal meeting date.

This will not be just another trick lecture or a dealer show. Jon will not only teach you some great, original card magic, he will teach you some sleights and techniques that you may have thought were out of your reach. One of the things that makes Jon such an in demand performer, is the way he has developed and integrated his character into his magic. It's this synthesis of performance; effect and character that can make 'tricks' become magic. In addition to learning his original card ideas, he will also cover topics such as learning, performance and character. These ideas are useable whether you are a full time pro or just do a few tricks for family and friends.

This recent Magic Castle award nominated lecture with cover techniques with cards but that can be used to enhance all our magic.

This will be illustrated in the following effects:

The Blank Monte (A three card monte routine that takes the sting out of magician is always right scenario and giving it a truly magical climax by personalizing it),

What If (giving meaning to the standard take a card trick)

I Scream (a business card routine big in effect and in return on clients and using the Frixion pen)

Out Of This Blah Blah Blah (a more commercial and entertaining Out Of This World with no sleight of hand)

The Biddle Trick (taking a card trick and making it better using new moves and thinking about the standard ones differently)

And many more, right out of Jon's current award winning close up act.

Non-Members $ 20.00 - Members $ FREE