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Muscle Reading Workshop and More - Tuesday June 19th at 7pm

Muscle reading is one of the most versatile methods in magic. It's impromptu, gimmick-less, adaptable, and relatively easy to do. It has even been said that almost every mentalism effect can be replicated through muscle reading. Although many magicians know the basic concepts behind muscle reading, a surprisingly small number of us actually employ the method in our performances. I can speak for most of us when I say that we don't do it because we can't practice it at home by ourselves as we do with so many sleights. My goal with this meeting isn't to just teach the concepts of muscle reading; the techniques can be covered in a very short amount of time. My goal is to get people practicing muscle reading with others in an environment where we can mess up without embarrassing ourselves in front of real audiences and learn from each other's mistakes. Those who come to the workshop will hopefully leave with a new technique that they can use at any time and few other magicians or mentalists will be using.

The second half of the workshop we will be covering a mystery subject.

Non-Members $10.00 - Members $ FREE