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Joe Diamond Lecture - Tuesday January 15th at 7pm

Joe Diamond Earns Another Notch in His Wand A review of the January 15, 2013 Lecture for the Aces Magic Club, by Brian Carter World record holder, documentary subject, creator, trusted adviser, co-headliner in a weekly Chicago stage show. These may sound like the credentials of a well seasoned veteran, someone in the middle of their career, not the credentials of someone just 25 years young. In just a few short years, these are the credentials earned by Joe Diamond. And now, he can proudly add another notch to his magic wand, Lecturer! Joe delivered his first time ever lecture to the Aces Magic Club on January 15, 2013, getting the new year off to a great start. Along with the accolades mentioned previously, Joe works hard on his own show and performs often for high schoolers and colleges.

After a brief introduction from Bill Cook, Joe invited a couple of our members up to join him at the close up table to run through a 15 minute routine of mostly card effects with a mentalism flare. Joe explained that he wanted to begin with his performance as a demonstration of the importance of scripting. Scripting not only a single effect, but scripting each effect into a full, flowing routine. After the set, Joe broke down the effects and provided insight into his thinking behind the scripting and the psychology of the adjoining actions to allow the spectators to remember on their own terms.

Joe's set included an opener that talks about perspective, where a 6D turned into a 9D just by changing perspective. The next effect enlightened us and introduced the idea of leaving the spec with a souvenir. The regular pack went away for the next couple of effects as Joe turned up the psychic mojo and involved both spectators in a game of stop, using cards torn asunder by a previously freaked out patron (or so the story the goes). This was followed by an excellent haunted key routine based on Houdini returning to assist in opening a drawn lock, which has been signed by a spectator and held face down in their own hands. Joe ended the set with another gift magic trick, this time involving 4 aces that magically change places.

As Joe broke down the effects and his scripts, he spoke about the importance of many topics which influence the way he creates his magic. Joe said that along with a script, we need to understand how to simplify our effects to make them stronger. Work with a collaborator and mine for ideas in books and magazines. Find original ideas in old effects and make them your own by bringing them up to date. Joe says this kind of thinking is what can set us apart from everyone else using the same old 'patter' that came with the trick or was written decades earlier.

Joe further demonstrated effects in the second half of the evening with some stand up mentalism and blindfold reading of objects from the full house at Rock Vanders. In the end, Joe proved he earned that next notch in his wand with this entertaining and informative lecture. I am sure that once word gets out about this next generation performers' ability and understanding of the art, his lecture calendar will fill up fast. We are glad we got to be the first. We sincerely thank Joe for sharing his thoughts and insights about our wonderful art.