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Jania Taylor Lecture - Tuesday September 16th at 7pm

Jania Taylor's NEW Lecture: "What's Your Theme?"

From educational enrichment shows that deliver a message, to creating a show based on a character. Jania Taylor will share how she has developed shows delivering educational messages to themed characters that she performs.

If you want to perform in schools or libraries you will have a better chance of getting bookings if you deliver a educational message along with the magic. Jania has developed four educational enrichment shows that deliver a message of reading, recycling, nutrition, and safety. Jania will share with you how she has gone about choosing the magic to perform, researching the topic, scripting the show, how to sell the show which leads to bookings!

There is a great nitch market for character themed shows. Jania has developed a 1800's character named "Charmin'J" for fairs and festivals and two holiday characters that she performs as for Halloween and Christmas events. The idea of performing as a character is an untapped market that makes your magic show look new. Jania will share how she developed these characters and how they continue to evolve to get more bookings. As part of the very special ACEs Magic Club's "SCHLECTURE" (show and lecture) Jania will perform her "Charmin' J" Frontier Show.

This lecture is jammed packed with magic, character development, theme show ideas, and marketing tips that will get you thinking about new venues that you can tap into!

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So make sure to join us for this exciting new lecture and a chance to see "Charmin' J" Tuesday, September 16th at the HOME Theater.

Non-Members $20.00 - Members $ FREE