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John Sturk Lecture - Tuesday January 20th at 7pm

Magic: Combining Improv and Conjuring

How can you make your magic seem more spontaneous and off-the-cuff? How can you develop a quick comeback wit with a sharp spectator?

John Sturk, president of S.A.M. Assembly 3 and one of Chicago's busiest improv musical directors, will present this special workshop to answer these questions and more.

Improv theater is one of the most valuable resources Chicago has to offer. Improv training can and will help you as a magician improve your timing, stage presence, performing persona, and audience management. This workshop will only be effective for those who will participate! That means, we'll be doing some improv group exercises to help set our frame of reference as a stage performer.

John studied improv at both The Second City Training Center and the iO Training Center in Chicago, and has been a part of countless improv shows as its piano accompanist. John can be seen weekly behind the keyboards at the iO Theater and Comedysportz Theater, as well as numerous other venues like Stage 773, The Playground Theater, MCL Chicago, and The Second City Training Center. John also has taught special musical improv workshops for The Improv Retreat, the first summer camp/improv immersion program for adults.

As a magician, John performs as part of the regular entertainment staff at O'Donovan's restaurant (formerly Schulman's), and has numerous awards under his belt, including the 2013 ACES Stage Contest and People's Choice. His unique style has made him a favorite in Colon, Michigan and the Abbott's Get-Together, and he has lectured for various clubs and conventions, including S.A.M. 103 in Joliet, and the 2014 World Deaf Magicians convention. He assumed the presidency of the historic S.A.M. Assembly No. 3 of Chicago earlier this year, and has twice represented Chicago to the Society of American Magicians National Council.

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