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Date Event/Topic
April 18th, 2017 Mini Lecture
March 21st, 2017 Tribute To Daryl
February 21st, 2017 Balloon Twisting Workshop
January 10th, 2017 Backdrop Workshop
December 20th, 2016 Eugene Burger Lecture
November 15th, 2016 Movie Workshop
October 18th, 2016 Lee Asher Lecture
September 20th, 2016 Round Table Triple Workshop
August 16th, 2016 Suprise Workshop No Workshop
June 21st, 2016 7th Annual Stage Magic Contest
June 14th, 2016 Dan Sperry Lecture
May 17th, 2016 Joe Diamond Destroyers Lecture
April 19th, 2016 Stage Critique / Routining Workshop
March 15th, 2016 Teach a Trick Workshop
February 16th, 2016 Close Up Magic Contest
January 19th, 2016 Build A Trick Workshop
December 15th, 2015 Holiday Party / Skype Session w/Ken Weber
November 13th, 2015 Jeff McBride Lecture
October 20th, 2015 Barry Sonenthal Lecture
September 15th, 2015 Wizard Wars Workshop
August 25th, 2015 Bizzaro Lecture
July 21st, 2015 Kids Show Magic Workshop
June 16th, 2015 Fundamentals Workshop
May 19th, 2015 6th Annual Magic Contest
April 21st, 2015 Keith Cobb Lecture
March 17th, 2015 Stagecraft Workshop
February 17th, 2015 Balloon Workshop
January 20th, 2015 John Sturk Lecture
December 20th, 2014 1st Annual Close Up Magic Contest
November 18th, 2014 Theme Building Workshop
October 21st, 2014 Fundamentals II - Coins
September 16th, 2014 Jania Taylor Lecture / Start of our 6th Year
August 26th, 2014 Dan Sperry Skype Session
July 15th, 2014 Kyle Marlett Lecture
June 17th, 2014 Fundamentals
May 20th, 2014 5th Annual Magic Contest
April 15th, 2014 Tax Day Workshop
March 18th, 2014 Justin Flom - Skype
February 18th, 2014 5th Annual Balloon Night
January 21st, 2014 Monte Night
December 17th, 2013 Christmas Party / Show
November 13th, 2013 David Gabbay Lecture
October 15th, 2013 Classic Card Workshop
September 24th, 2013 Build A Trick Workshop / Start of our Fifth Year
September 17th, 2013 David Parr Lecture
July 16th, 2013 Mentalism Workshop
June 18th, 2013 Tomas Medina Schlecture
May 21st, 2013 4th Annual Magic Contest
April 16th, 2013 Sal Piacente Lecture
March 19th, 2013 Everyday Objects Workshop
February 19th, 2013 Balloon Twisting Workshop
January 15th, 2013 Joe Diamond Lecture
December 18th, 2012 Holiday Party
November 20th, 2012 Nate Kranzo Lecture
October 16th, 2012 Four Corners Workshop
September 18th, 2012 Bill Abbott Lecture / Start of our Fourth Year
August 21st, 2012 Mac King Q & A / Elections
July 17th, 2012 Critique Workshop
June 19th, 2012 Muscle Reading and More
May 15th, 2012 3rd Annual Magic Contest
April 11th, 2012 Jon Armstrong Lecture
March 20th, 2012 Jeff McBride Experience
February 21st, 2012 Balloons 3.0
January 17th, 2012 David Solomon Lecture
December 20th, 2011 Holiday Party
November 15th, 2011 Dan Neilson Lecture
October 18th, 2011 Bill Koch Lecture
September 20th, 2011 Eugene Burger Lecture / Start of Our 3rd Year!
August 23rd, 2011 Old Trick New Trick / Lance Burton
July 19th, 2011 Routine Workshop
June 21st, 2011 Michael Hall Lecture
May 17th, 2011 2nd Annual Magic Contest
April 19th, 2011 Teach A Trick - No Cards!
March 22nd, 2011 Aaron Fisher Lecture
February 15th, 2011 Balloons 2.0
January 18th, 2011 Lee Asher Lecture
December 21st, 2010 Build A Trick
November 16st, 2010 Photo Shoot
October 21st, 2010 Meir Yedid Lecture
September 21st, 2010 Simon Lovell Lecture / Start of Our 2nd Year!
August 17th, 2010 Magic With Business Cards
July 20th, 2010 Sal Piacente Lecture
June 15th, 2010 Critique
May 18th, 2010 AMC First Annual Contest
April 20th, 2010 New Trick Night
March 9th, 2010 Tomas Medina Lecture
February 16th, 2010 Balloon-O-Rama!!!
January 19th, 2010 Jania Taylor Lecture
December 15th, 2009 Round Table Critique
November 17th, 2009 Teach A Trick Workshop
October 20th, 2009 Joshua Jay Lecture
September 15th, 2009 Eugene Burger Lecture